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Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


Thought for the Day...
All true Christians are compared to seafaring men...the world is as the sea, the church as a ship (out of which there is no safety), Christ as the Pilot.  All true believers are passengers that have a common adventure.  The land it is bound for is the kingdom of heaven; the card or compass is the word of God; the wind that drives it along is the Spirit of God.  For the materials of it, the bottom and ballast of the ship are made of humility; the top, of open simplicity; the sides, of patience; the sails and banner, of love; the cords, of charity; the rudder, of faith; and the anchor, of hope.  This anchor is described to be "sure, and steadfast;" such an anchor will hold, till the storm be over, and till we come at heaven.

Matthew Lawrence, 1657


Holding forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ and maintaining the doctrinal standards of the Baptist Confession of 1689.

About Us

We are Coweta Particular Baptist Church. We are located in Moreland, Georgia and are an assembly of believers committed to the historic doctrinal standards of the early English and American Baptists. We are a "confessional" assembly, in that we express our beliefs in a formal and comprehensive statement of faith, also known as a Confession. We hold unswervingly to the truth, clearly defined in Scripture itself, that "The Holy Scripture is the only sufficient, certain, and infallible rule of all saving knowledge, faith, and obedience," yet we believe that our faith can and should be systematically described, hence our commitment to a Confession of Faith.

We meet each Lord's Day for worship, expositional preaching of God's Word, and fellowship with one another.  In keeping with the instruction of Scripture, it is our desire to worship our great God joyfully and reverently. We come before His presence with joyful singing (Psalm 100:1-2) but we also come humbly, recognizing that we are “frail children of dust” and that Jehovah alone is the King eternal, immortal...the only wise God (I Tim. 1:17). We seek to glorify Him and not man. Our singing is centered in the admonitions of Scripture to sing with the spirit and with the understanding (I Cor. 14:15) and to teach and admonish one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Col 3:16). Thus we sing hymns that are selected for their faithfulness to Scripture, their fullness of doctrine, and their reverence of style.  Our hymnal, The Psalmist, was the most widely used hymnbook of Baptists in America for much of the 19th century.  Our preaching and teaching follow our Lord's pattern of reading the Scripture, explaining the Scripture, and applying the Scripture to our lives. Thus we preach expositionally, teaching through an entire book of the Bible over time. 

Our pastor, Dr. John W. Suttles, and his wife, Teresa, live in Moreland and have been engaged in ministry for more than 30 years, including time spent in church planting in the Republic of Ireland.

Please take a few moments to visit the other pages of our site and learn more about us.  You will also be able to listen to sermons and Bible studies both on the site and on our Sermon Audio link.  Visit the Location page to obtain contact information and directions.  If we can answer any questions about us and our fellowship, please contact us.


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